Supply Chain Management
HARCY ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED is a leading procurement and supply chain management company in the oil & gas industry, with a strong presence in Nigeria. We have evolved into a group of passionate, driven professionals who possess high-level sourcing and supply chain knowledge.
Diverse Range of Equipment
At HARCY, we source and supply a diverse range of high-quality equipment and materials for oil & gas exploration and production projects. Our expertise cuts across procurement, planning, quality assurance, expediting, field & 3rd-party inspection, cost-control, planning, scheduling and offshore/onshore drilling
Need-Specific Services
Procurement is an essential service for oil & gas operators in today’s marketplace. And we know our clients expect the highest level of service. That’s why we are committed to adopting best practices and innovative business strategies to deliver unparalleled, need-specific procurement services without compromising quality.
With oil & gas organizations operating in very complex times, we understand that Procurement is under pressure to contribute dynamically and meaningfully to bottom-line operating costs while reducing capital expenditure.
That’s why HARCY is here to help our clients rethink procurement and ensure that they get the much-needed cost-effectiveness and efficiency they desire.
We have built strong relationships with reliable manufacturers who have a proven history of supplying only industry-grade deliverables at competitive pricing. Our supply partners abide by the strictest codes and regulations.
Our Focus Supply Areas
Casing and tubing
Drilling fluids and chemicals
Rig equipment lease
Solids control
Mud lab services
Safety equipment
General procurement
Logistics support